Python and Flask Training in Navalur

The demand for Python and Flask training in Navalur has witnessed a real rapid increase in recent times. But what really is the reason behind the surge in people who are seeking to acquaint themselves with these tools? A close examination gives us some clarity regarding the scope.

Join Python and Flask Training in Navalur. Python is a high-level coding language that finds application in numerous fields such as GUI development, data analytics, visualisation etc. It is one of the most promising coding languages of the present as it is finding increasing application in the emerging fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Python’s popularity primarily stems from its requirement of a shorter amount of code as opposed to other programming languages. Python is seen to improve the speed of its products through its process of integration. For students, it is one of the best choices considering the fact that it not difficult to pick up. The extensive online community support including over 100,000 online libraries means that one can never run out of resources for improving upon his skills in python.

Flask is one of the most popular Python web frameworks. Its main claim to popularity is the simplicity and choice offered by it. Flask gives more freedom to the developer while choosing the aspects required to be integrated into the product being developed. A proper training in Python and Flask as is being offered by our institution virtually ensures employment in the IT sector.

So why do we claim to offer the best Python and Flask training in Navalur OMR?

  •  A practically oriented approach based on a proven methodology that is aimed to meet the requirements of the industry.
  • Guaranteed to grant you an efficient knowledge of python and flask that is adequate for content creation and development.
  • Faculty who have had great experience in handling these tools.
  • Flexibility to cater to the differing needs and capabilities of students.

The best Python and Flask course in Navalur OMR is right here. You don’t need to think twice before enrolling.

Python and Flask Training in Navalur Syllabus:

Introduction to Flask

Our Initial App
Using url_for
The GET method
The POST method
Introduction to Templates
The Login Template
The Login Function
Redirect After POST
Flash Messages
Better HTML
Template Inheritance
Calling Block Super
Introduction to Cookies
The Static Folder
Introduction to Sessions
Introduction to MySQL
Our First Table

Our First Flask Application: A Flask Blog

The Requirements.txt File
The Basic Structure
Setting up the ORM
The Author Model
Interacting with the ORM
The Base Template and Bootstrap
Introduction to WTForms
Handling Form Errors
Template Macros
The Blog Model and Form
Blog Admin and Setup Templates
Blog Creation Database
Author Login
Our First Decorator
Introduction to Migrations
More Secure Passwords
Checking “Is Author”
The Post and Category Models
Post Migration and Testing
Introduction to Markdown
Blog Post Form
Saving the Post to the Database
The Article View
List Articles View
Creating a Footer
Setting up Flask-Uploads
Adding Images to Blog Posts
Displaying the Image in the Article
Deleting an Article
Editing an Article

Unit Testing

Introduction to Unit Testing
Create Blog Test
User Tests