Python Training in Navalur

Python and Django Training in Navalur

LearnPython and Django Training in Navalur. Knowledge of python is almost an indispensable requirement for any programmer today. Being a high-level programing language that is gaining application in many emerging fields of tech, training in Python is increasingly being sought after by the industry. Python training is being provided on a wide basis across regions. Python has a very simple syntax and can be used to write really short and effective code. It has great potential in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence which are being dubbed as the future of the tech world. A large number of users has resulted in an active and vibrant online community. There are more than 100,000 extensive online libraries which can augment the learning process.
Django is a web framework written in python. It uses python extensively and reduces the need for code. Instagram, The Washington Post, Mozilla etc are some of the prominent sites that use Django. It is being more eagerly used by the startup sector. It offers a wide variety of features and also has a large online community. Python runs on almost every platform including Mac, Linux etc and Django runs on whatever Python runs. The wide applicability of these tools across platforms is an added advantage. Django is a clean framework and offers a great documentation experience. The better degree of organisation available on the framework is an aspect that gives it an edge over other python frameworks. The scope for scalability ensures that the framework can be used even when the startups start to hit big.
 However, quality Python and Django training in OMR Navalur are limited to certain reputed institutions. Our institute offers one of the best Python and Django courses in Navalur.
We provide :
  • Best faculty with hands-on experience with both Python and Django.
  • A course that is structured to cater most aptly to the requirements of the industry
  • In-depth understanding of Python and imparting the necessary know-how regarding the applicability of Django.
  • Flexibility of course structure to suit the requirements of the student community.
  • Added emphasis is given to beginners.
Enrol in our institution for the best Python and Django training in Navalur. Our personalised training sessions can be highly useful in upbringing your career.

Python and Django Training in Navalur Syllabus:

Introduction to Django

What is Django?
Django and Python
Django’ s take on MVC: Model, View and Template and DRY programming: Don’t Repeat Yourself
How to get and install Django

Getting started with Django

About the 3 Core Files:,,
Setting up database connections
Managing Users & the Django admin tool
Installing and using ‘out of the box’ Django features

Django URL Patterns and Views

Designing a good URL scheme
Generic Views

Django Forms

Form classes
Advanced Forms processing techniques

Django & REST APIs

Django REST framework

Unit Testing with Django

Overview / Refresher on Unit Testing and why it’s good
Using Python’s unittest2 library
Test Databases
Debugging Best Practices