CassandraDB Training in Navalur

Cassandra is a popular open source distributed data management system. Very few institutes offer quality CassandraDB training in Navalur. The knowledge of this database and the skill to utilise it can be an important asset in the hands of a developer. A cursory glance of its merits should substantiate this. Cassandra is capable of managing large amounts of data spread over different computers into a cluster. It is a database that can process really high volumes of data at rapid speed.
As opposed to relational databases, Cassandra does not stipulate a rigid data pattern. It comes with an extremely quick writing and reading speed coupled with a high degree of fault tolerance. The database is highly scalable and thus is a blessing in this age of ever-increasing data. There is no single point of failure for Cassandra and the database is always running. The database supports replication across servers. It is capable of storing different types of data and maintains a high-performance speed even when large chunks of data are present.
This increases its popularity in areas where round the clock accessibility is a critical need. Cassandra’s efficiency is evident by the fact that is currently being used by global giants such as Cisco, Twitter, Netflix, Facebook etc. Even CERN has utilised the services of Cassandra for archiving its information online.
A good grasp of CassandraDB can thus increase your employment prospects and enhance your skillsets as a developer.
Our institute offers the best CassandraDB training in Navalur. We provide:
  • The best faculty who have great experience working with Cassandra and related tools.
  • A carefully planned course structure that will teach you all the essentials of CassandraDB
  • A course where you can develop from scratch, learning to communicate with Cassandra, setting up model databases and getting to know how they function.
  • Flexibility aimed at ensuring the convenience and betterment of the student community.
So let there be no doubt while searching for a CassandraDB training in OMR Navalur. Enrolling in our institution can be the best career choice that you ever make.

CassandraDB training in Navalur Syllabus

Cassandra Architecture

Cassandra Installation and Configuration

Course Map
Cassandra Versions
Steps to Install and Configure Cassandra on Ubuntu System
Operating System Selection
Machine Selection
Preparing for Installation
Setup Repository
Install CassandraCheck the Installation
Configuring Cassandra
Configuration for a Single-Node Cluster
Configuration for a Multi-Node and Multi-Datacenter Clusters
Setup Property File
Configuration for a Production Cluster
Setup Gossiping Property File
Starting with Cassandra Services
Connecting to Cassandra
Installing on CentOS
Demo-Installing and Configuring Cassandra on Ubuntu

Creation of Sample Application

Database Design
Sample Application RDBMS Design
Sample Application Cassandra Design
Application Code
Creating Database
Loading Schema
Data Structures
Setting Connections
Population of database
Application Features

Cassandra Data Model

Advanced Modelling
Rules of Cassandra data modelling
Increasing data writes
Reducing data reads
Modelling data around queries
Creating a table for data queries


Data Definition Language (DDL) Statements

Data Manipulation Language (DML)

User permission
Create and modify Users
Capture CQL output to a file
Import and export data
CQL scripts from within CQL
CQL Scripts from the command prompt