Angular js training in Navalur

LearnAngular js training in Navalur. Angular js first made its appearance in the world of tech in 2009. The JavaScript framework intended to simplify the creation and enhance the user experience of Single Page Apps (SPVs) which it has succeeded in doing in the past few years. SPVs display the entire content of a website on a single page and clicking on links in the page just updates the page as opposed to reloading it.

Angular is a framework that makes use of HTML to create more rich and dynamic content. It lays more emphasis on the browser for building the page as opposed to conventional frameworks that tend to depend heavily on the servers for this process. Thus it cuts costs and improves the speed of loading pages. The framework is extremely easy to pick up for a person who has a basic knowledge of HTML. A few classes on Angular js coupled with a knowledge of HTML and you can have your first angular app in minutes. It also discards the need for separating the MVC components while programming thereby reducing the burden of the developer and thus shortening the time required to roll out the app.

Being an open-source framework that is mainly maintained by Google employees, the online community is vibrant and there is no dearth of learning tools for skill enhancement and updating. It allows for a cleaner code and products developed using the framework are almost instantly ready for testing.

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Angular js training in Navalur Syllabus:


About WEB application
Decade (previous) Style application vs Third generation applications
What is Angular?
A complete Client-Side solution

Conceptual Overview
What should I know in JavaScript before learning AngularJS?

JavaScript Objects, Functions & Arrays
JavaScript Variables Scope
Closures In JavaScript
About OOPS& JavaScript (JavaScript Inheritance)
Introduction to MVC / MVVM / MVP … MV*
Dependency Injection
Other add-ons to know as UI-Developer

Data Binding



Understanding Controller
Setting up Scope & adding behaviour

About Angular seed

Project folder structure
Type-Based pattern
Feature-Based pattern
Setting up End-End (client: angularjs, server: nodeJS) project


Using a Service
Registering & Creating Services


Scope characteristics
Scope as Data-Model
Scope Hierarchies & $rootScope
Scope Events Propagation
Scope Life Cycle

Introduction to Git (source control)

Daily commands list for developer

Classroom Project : Developing Sample Blogger Using AngularJS

Using AngularJS plug-ins or dependency imports

Toastr notification


What are decorators?
How to use decorators?

Bootstrap of AngularJS

Angular script Tag
Automatic Initialization
Manual Initialization
About Unit Testing


Using directive, markup, filter and form-controls


Using filters in views
Using filters in controller, services and directives
Creating custom filter


Introduction to Validations
Using CSS classes
Displaying messages
Creating a custom validator
Adding asynchronous validator


What are directives?
Directive types
About Directive Scope
Creating Directives
HTML Compiler

Default Components &Component Router

Provider, Factory, Service, Constant, Value
About $httpProvider
About request/response headers, config
About $q promise asynchronous provider
• Why Angular 5
• Angular CLI
• Angular Set-up
• Components
• Modules
• Data Binding
• Directives (built-in)
• Directives (custom)
• Pipes
• Nested Components
• Encapsulating styles
• Lifecycle hooks
• Event Handling
• Services(built-in)
• Services(custom)
• Form
• Error Handling
• Routing